The light on my CPR manikin is not working.

Make sure you use the CPR manikin correctly.

Hard surface.

We recommend that you perform the CPR on a hard surface. So, choose to do it on a stone or wooden floor, rather than on a carpet or on the couch. In addition to the fact that a hard surface is also an important condition for 'real' resuscitation, our CPR manikin will also receive the right triggers this way to work.

Correct compressions.

It may take a while for the CPR manikin to 'wake up', so take your time. Push the chest several times, firmly and at the correct pace. So: push at least 5 centimeters deep, at a pace of 100-120 times per minute.

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It's still not working.

Before shipping, we always check whether the light on the CPR manikin is working properly, and if the batteries are fully charged. Unfortunately, someting can go wrong during shipping, which may cause a short circuit in the internal systems.

Do not panic.

Of course, it's quite inconvenient if the light on your manikin doesn't work. But don't worry: even without this light you can still use the manikin to practice your CPR skills. 

Inform your instructor.

At the start of your CPR assignment, inform your instructor that the light isn't working. They will take this into account while reviewing your skills. When we receive your manikin back at our HQ, we will subject it to a thorough examination.