What does the light on my CPR manikin mean?

CPR manikin

  • Light off: You don't press the chest deep enough, or the positioning of your hands could be better.
  • Light flashing quickly: Your compressions are too fast.
  • Light  red: Your compressions are too slow.
  • Light green: Your compressions are going well!

Afbeelding met persoon, baby

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Baby manikin

  • Light red: 0-60 compressions per minute.
  • Light orange: 60-80 compressions per minute.
  • One light green: 80-100 compressions per minute.
  • Two lights green: 100-120 compressions per minute. This is the correct speed. 

Does one green light go out? That means you are slowing down, indicating you need to up your speed.

Afbeelding met onderbroek

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Junior manikin

The Junior manikin does not contain an indicator light. 

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